How did it all start!!
Probably about 20 years ago or more as a domestic appliance engineer, I would constantly get called 'Del Boy' from my customers - not because I was a wheeler dealer or ripping them off!! But in looks!! It was a constant "You're a DelBoy Lookalike and even a DelBoy Soundalike" - it got to the point of growing a moustache to disguise the look! 13 years ago I joined a drama group. I was asked to do a small part in panto - I ended up doing the Dame!! (Oh yes I did!!) Picture of Maurice before Del
Hawaii Delboy Lookalike / Soundalike It was a brilliant feeling on stage - the buzz was excellent. Then it was plays and cabarets and then more pantos, plays and cabarets - sometimes I was doing two drama groups at the same time. Years ago I was doing a cabaret and at the interval, word was that a lot of the audience thought David Jason was on stage!! When the "write up" in the paper followed the next week it commented - 'is Maurice Canham really Del Boy!! - Mange Tout - I'd had enough. I phoned a look-alike agency and never looked back.